OH Century Card

A wonderful gold card with any of the four style you see below. The size should print out clear and make a good card for your wallet. - Made with Photoshop and created by Jazelle.

Hearts Butterflies Lotus

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If we have our heart we have our health and love for life. Butterflies are the symbol for rebirth and renewal. All of us are reborn. The lotus represents purity of body, speech, and mind, floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

Welcome to the Losers Bench card. Click on the above to view and copy the full version.

NEW!!! Roses

Side note: Each card style has its own page. Enjoy.

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As a rose bud blooms so do we all in our new life.
For those who have graphic or photo programs you can just edit in your name using a nice font then save in high gif or jpg format. For those of you who can't edit just send me a pm and I will make you a card it is easy since I use PS I just have to plug in your name and save. 

I will put the card up for a short time on my site. All you need to do is save the picture to your computer. The best way to use the card on the OH board is to upload it to your profile's Photo gallery. Then you can do a cut and paste from there to your sig and there you go your Century card for all to see.

To save any of the cards you see just right click on them and save to your computer. Please do NOT link the image from this page as that it might change at a later date. 

Anyone can copy and use these cards to make their own "I lost 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 pounds" card. All I ask is that folks not say they made the card only that they edited in the name and do note that the card was made by Jazelle.

 Thank you and enjoy - Jaz.

Just for December only here is Holly for the holidays. Enjoy -Jaz