August 2007

Welcome to the beginning of LoT-Zine. We have a great many plans for this online publication that you will see blossom in the months to come. Our goal is to provide a platform for new and upcoming artists and writers so they can present their talents to our readers. The second goal is to let our readers decide who they would like to see published and become their favorite artist or writer for LoT Publications. Our third goal is to provide our readers with fun information about online gaming, RPG, PC games, great books, artists to keep an eye on as well as reviews on what is and is not worth your time out there. LoT-Zine online is a free publications supported by our advertisers.

 Their support helps new and up coming artists and writers break into the publishing field. Your votes will help us direct our funds, offer prizes and special contracts to those artists and writers that you feel should be part of LoT Publications.

If you are an inspiring artist, writer, poet or song writer please submit a sample of your work to us for review. It need only be a few pages with a cover letter. Our staff will look it over and get back to you. Be sure to include your e-mail address. (Click here for more...)

For those of you who would like to send in  reviews about your favorite games, books, movies, etc please email them to us. We reserve the right to edit and make corrections on all writings submitted for LoT-Zine. Please include credit to the authors or creators when submitting.

The more public support LoT-Zine has the more fun for us all. We are also look for Staff. (Click here for more...)

Please note the artwork we have used for this site was created by Anna Rigby she holds a special position here at LoT-Zine and is one close to our hearts.

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